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UK & Europe
 * MRC-LMB Muscle Group Myosin Page  * King's College London: Muscle signalling and development and Cytoskeleton and cell motility.
 * MuscleNet (Telethon/University of Padua)
Neuromuscular disorders & Cardiomyopathies
 * Mike Ferenczi's Home Page at NIMR - Time resolved small angle x-ray diffraction of single muscle fibres
 * Ken Holmes' page, Heidelberg - Muscle Contraction  * Molecular Contractility Group at Leeds

(including Michelle Peckham's Lab)

 * The Matus Group at FMI - Real Time Images of Tubulin Dynamics  * Molecular Motors Group, York
 * Rob Cross' Motorhome, Marie Curie Research Institute Molecular Motors Group.  * University of Kent at Canterbury: the cell biology and development division has links to myosin and muscle development pages.
 * UCSD Neuromuscular Physiology Lab  * Molecular Biomechanics at the University of Virginia
 * MIT Center for Artifical Muscle  * Mitchison Group - Actin Dynamics and Motility. Microtubules & Mitotic Spindles, Chromosomes & Kinetochores.
 * Brandeis University. Homepages of Hugh Huxley, Andrew Szent-Gyorgyi, Michael Welte.  * Willy Wriggers Page, including Multi-Scale Modeling of Cell Motility and Motor Proteins
 * Actin Myosin Crossbridge 3d Animation San Diego State University College of Sciences  * The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) Page at NIH
 * Bruce Patterson's Myosin Mutants at the University of Arizona  * Ted Salmon's Lab - cytoskeletal imaging, Mitosis, Microtubules and Microscopy.
 * Cooper Lab Actin related proteins and motility  * Artificial Muscle Research Institute (New Mex)
 * Gary Borisy's page- cell division, the crawling motion of animal cells, and the establishment and maintenance of
cell form
 * Structure and Function of Microtubules
 * Actin and Kinesin Molecular Dynamics from the Theoretical Biophysics Group at the University of Illinois  * John Scholey's lab - molecular mechanisms of microtubule motor protein function during intracellular transport and mitosis.
 *  Vale Lab, UCSF including animations of myosin and kinesin mechanisms.  * Ron Milligan Lab Scripps Research Institute
 * Warshaw Lab - Molecular Motors Group at the University of Vermont  * Sandy Bernstein's lab home page - at San Diego State University
 * Mooseker Lab - myosins group at Yale University  *  Elaine Bearer lab Brown University - cell morphology and actin-binding proteins

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