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The Laboratory of Molecular Biology

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Data processing software

14th March 2016
Please note; this site will continue to host iMosflm and Mosflm, but I am no longer working on the project, and e-mail requests sent to the "mosflm at" address will not be dealt with by me; for the time being, I will be receiving (and will respond to) e-mails sent to my personal MRC e-mail address.

iMosflm logo The most recent version of iMosflm - most people should go directly to here.
All the MOSFLM stuff can be accessed from here
The most up-to-date version of the MOSFLM User Guide.
MOSFLM FAQ and problem pages.
Phil Evans programs - Scala, Aimless, Pointless. Most recent versions, with links back to 2003.

International Year of Crystallography - 2014

IYCr logo UNESCO designated 2014 as the International Year of Crystallography. Events were held throughout the year, with the climax at the IUCr's Congress and General Assembly in Montreal, Canada.

Crystallographic organisations

I am currently involved with several different Crystallographic organisations.

BCA logo The principal organisation involved with education and promotion of Crystallography within the British Isles is the British Crystallographic Association. It caters for Crystallography in different fields of science - Biological Structures, Chemical Crystallography, Industrial Crystallography and Physical Crystallography. The interests of Young Crystallographers in all these disciplines are catered for in their own Group.

Next year's Annual BCA Meeting will be held at the University of Nottingham from Monday 4th April - Thursday 7th April 2016

Each of the Groups organises their own meetings in the Autumn and Winter; these meetings address particular issues of current importance and interest.

Membership of the BCA entitles the member to reduced rates of attendance at meetings of both the BCA and of all its Groups; student and post-doctoral members can apply for generous bursaries to help cover the cost of attending relevant meetings both in the UK and abroad.

ECA logo In Europe and Africa, the regional interests of Crystallography come within the purview of the European Crystallographic Association. The ECA organizes a meeting every year in which there is no IUCr Congress.

This year's European Crystallographic Meeting will be held in Basel, Switzerland, from Sunday 28th August to Thursday 1st September 2016.

I am currently the Chairman of the ECA's Special Interest Group in Crystallographic Computing - "SIG9" or "ECACOMSIG", and am looking after their web-pages, which have some information about activities and sources of crystallographic software.

This year (2016), ECACOMSIG will hold a workshop on software development in the Black Forest in Germany, from 25th to 28th August ( two full days + two half days) before the main ECM30 Conference in Basel, Switzerland.

IUCr logo The Global umbrella organization for the National and Regional Crystallographic Associations is the International Union of Crystallography, which has operated since 1948. The IUCr among its activities.

The IUCr's Commission on Crystallographic Computing (of which I am Chairman) is planning to hold a Computing School at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India in 2017 before the General Assembly.


Sorry, since I have left the LMB, these pictures are no longer hosted here.