SMG Group

The single-molecule genomics group at LMB was founded in 1992 by Dr. Paul Dear.

The common theme which links all of our research is that many problems in genomics can be addressed more efficiently by looking at single DNA molecules, instead of the bulk samples used in conventional approaches.

The single-molecule approach obviates the need for DNA cloning and purification, allows you to look directly at native genomic DNA, and gives access to the variability within DNA samples.

Some of our research areas based around single-molecule genomics include:

Latest News

Microfluidics at the LMB

This year saw the opening of the SMG microfluidic fabrication facility within the LMB.

It is now possible for the SMG, and other groups within the laboratory, to design and make chips for various single-molecule and single-cell experiments.

The features and channels, of these devices, can range from only a few, to a few hundred µm in cross-section.

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