Evolution of Transcription Factors and the Gene Regulatory Network in Escherichia coli

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M. Madan Babu and Sarah A. Teichmann

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Hills Road, Cambridge - CB2 2QH, United Kingdom
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Trancription factors play a central role in an organism by responding to the various stimuli in the external environment and regulating the expression of specific set of genes. In a simple organism like E. coli, we have identified 271 transcription factors and have studied the protein families and the domain architecture of the transcription factors. The supplementary material contains information about the individual transcription factors which have been identified, with searchable information about the domain architecture, protein function, etc

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Complete domain assignments for the 271 TFs with key

Clicking Here will take you to a page which contains representative domain architecture (not to scale) of the 271 identified TFs with the key to the figures used to represent domains.

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