Bacterial Lipoprotein - Biosynthetic Pathway

The structure of the lipid modification in the case of major outer membrane protein of E. coli was elucidated chemically in 1973. It was shown that Sulphydryl group of N-terminal Cysteine was modified with a diacylglyceryl group attached through a thioether linkage and the amino group was acylated with a fatty acid [1] (shown in figure). The acyl group composition was found to be same as that of membrane phospholipids [1] and therefore membrane phospholipids were suspected to be the lipid donors for the modification.

In another important finding it was shown that the precursor for this outer membrane lipoprotein was actually a pre-protein with an N-terminal extension of 20 amino acids possessing the characteristics of a typical signal peptide [2]. Naturally, the interest in the biosynthesis of this lipoprotein started immediately. Firstly the origin of the lipid in the molecule was traced to phospholipids as suspected earlier [3]. Phosphatidylglycerol was shown to be specifically required for the initial modification of Cys of the lipoproteins with diacylglycerol, catalyzed by the enzyme phosphatidylglycerol-prolipoprotein diacylglyceryl transferase[4,5]. N-acylation was shown to be achieved with any of the phospholipids [4]. Discovery of Globomycin, a cyclic pentapeptide antibiotic that specifically inhibited the maturation of lipoproteins led to the identification of a signal peptidase specific for lipoproteins [6]. This signal peptidase called signal peptidase II required diacylglyceryl modification prior to cleavage [7,8]. This meant that diacylglyceryl modification preceded cleavage of the signal peptide. The final modification i.e. after the cleavage of the signal peptide, fatty acylation of the amino group of the N-terminal diacylglyceryl modified Cys to form N-acyl diacylglyceryl Cysteine was subsequently identified [9,10]. The pathway [5] is shown in the figure below. The genes for these enzymes have been identified by Wu et. al. in a variety of bacteria and they are found to be highly conserved [11, 12].


The Biosynthetic Pathway


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