Research Group Members

Year of joining group:


January-September: Oliver Jardine, MRes in Bioinformatics at Birkbeck College:
"Comparison of Small Molecule Metabolic Pathways in Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Non-orthologous Displacements, Gene Fusions and Protein Interactions"

May-September: Christine Vogel, MRes in Mathematical Modelling of Biological Complexity at University College London:
"The Immunoglobulin Superfamily Repertoire  in Drosophila melanogaster as Compared to Caenorhabditis elegans"

--------------------October 2001: move to MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology----------------

October-November 2004: Madan Babu Mohan,  PhD student
"Evolution of Transcriptional Regulatory Networks", from October 2006: MRC Career Track Programme Leader at MRC-LMB


February-March: Pedro Coutinho visiting postdoctoral fellow from Gulbenkian Institute, Portugal

May-August: Mary Pacold summer student from Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign funded by Trinity College Fellows' Research Fund

October-March 2006: Sarah Kummerfeld LMB Cambridge scholarship PhD student and short postdoc
"Towards understanding the protein universe: Genome-scale studies of evolution and gene regulation"

October-April 2003: Nicola Kerrison MSc in Biochemistry at Cambridge University:
"Conservation of Domain Geometry in Two-Domain Proteins"


July-September: Nicola Kerrison returned as LMB-funded summer student

September-November: Nick Luscombe visiting postdoctoral fellow from Yale, LMB visitor

October-September 2007: Jung-Hoon Han MRC studentship PhD student

October-December 2005: Jose Leal MRC Career Development postdoctoral fellowship, from January 2006: group leader, Gulbenkian Institute, Portugal


June-August: Andrew Deonarine summer student from Univ. Toronto studentship

October-March 2008: Emmanuel Levy PhD at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and short postdoc funded by EMBO Young Investigator's grant and MRC fees-only studentship

December-January 2005: Rutger Hermsen, PhD student at AMOLF, Netherland, LMB visitor


June-???: Boris Adryan EMBO postdoctoral fellow, subsequently MRC Career Development fellowship

September-???: Derek Wilson MRC postdoctoral scientist and programmer

October - ???: Subhajyoti De LMB Cambridge PhD studentship

February-March and May: Nuria Lopez-Bigas EMBO short-term fellow from CRG, Barcelona.

February-March: Ernesto Perez-Rueda EMBO short-term fellow from UNAM Cuernavaca, Mexico.


January-April: Ian Birch-Machin, MRC research assistant

September-July 2007: Chenyi Wu, MRC research assistant

October-???: Joerg Gsponer, MRC Special Training Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computational Biology

October-October 2007: Richard Pollock, Part III Biochemistry student followed by summer studentship funded by Trinity fellows' research fund.


January-??: Jing Su, MRC Capacity Building PhD studentship in bioinformatics

July-September 2007: Joe Herman Trinity College summer studentship

June-August 2007: Jennifer Hou MPhil project in Computational Biology, Trinity College, Cambridge

June-August 2007 and October-??: Varodom Charoensawan Mphil project in Computational Biology, St John's College, Cambridge followed by PhD student.

November-October 2008: Rekin's Janky, Wiener-Anspach postdoctoral fellow co-supervised by Madan Babu