Courses taught:


*Supervisions/Tutorials in Part IA Biology of Cells and Part IB Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Trinity College Cambridge:

2 hours per week from October 1996-June 1999, 2 hours per week from October 2001-June 2002, 6 hours per week since October 2005.

*The slides for talk on "Building Phylogenetic Trees" at the Protein Domain Workshop '98  in May 1998 can be downloaded from here.

*The webpages for the Bioinformatics Course taught at the LMB in June 1999 are here.

*The webpage for the Millenium Science Summer School of the Institute of Education's "Excellence in Cities" program
in July 2000 is here.

*Two days on structural and functional annotation for computational biology PhD course at Gulbenkian Institute, Portugal
in February 2006.

*Admissions interviews and exam for Natural Sciences (Biological) for Trinity College Cambridge:

December 2005 and 2006