FBgn0002733 --- HLHm&bgr; (E(spl) region transcript m&bgr;)

CG14548 Dm-mA E(Spl) HLH-Mbeta E(spl) E(spl) mbeta E(spl)&bgr; E(spl)-M&bgr; E(spl)M&bgr; E(spl)m&bgr; E(spl)mA E(spl)mbeta HLH-m&bgr; HLHm&bgr; HLHmA HLHmbeta M&bgr; m&bgr; mA mbeta

CG14548-RA (195)
(HLH) (Hairy_orang)


YES DNA binding (if we think it is a transcription factor)
YES site-specific transcription factor
putative short-range transcription factor
known or putative long-range transcription factor
not annotated GO:0003677; a TF on www.flyreg.org
Between 20 and 40 oligonucleotides selected by M3, M, and M were sequenced, and a comparison between them established clear consensus binding sites (Fig. 1A and B). All three proteins selected very similar DNA sequences, consistent with the observation that their basic domains differ by only one amino acid residue. The three sets of sequences can be combined to give a palindromic 12-bp consensus sequence (5'-TGGCACGTG[C/T][C/T]A-3') which we have called the ESE box [E(spl) E box]. The core of the ESE box, 5'-CACGTG-3', is a canonical E box of the class B type, according to the classification system of Dang et al. (10). P
 ** negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter G F
 ** DNA binding G F
 ** DNA binding G F
 ** transcription factor activity G F P
 nucleus G F
 nucleus G F
 ** regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter G F
 Notch signaling pathway G F
 ectoderm development G F
 nervous system development G F
 eye development (sensu Endopterygota) G F P
 cell proliferation G F
 ** negative regulation of transcription G F
 ** transcriptional repressor activity G F
 ** specific transcriptional repressor activity G F
DBD yes / FlyReg TF / FlyMine TF
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