Supplementary Material for

Adryan and Teichmann (2006): Drosophila transcription factor database: A systematic review of site-specific transcription factors in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster.

GO terms used for seeding the candidate transcription factor lists

The manuscript describes our strategy to seed a list of candidate transcription factors based on the Gene Ontology annotation that is used in FlyBase. We used two rounds of seeding with two different levels of stringency.

Curator's verdict and categorization of transcription factors, and exceptions to it

Curator's verdict and categorization are described on our general information pages.

Novel predictions

Searches in the DBD Transcription Factor Database yielded 23 novel transcription factors not previously annotated as such in FlyBase. These factors are mostly also recognised as 'possible' transcription factors by alternative transcription factor databases, such as TrsDB. See the list of novel predictions.